Thank you both very very much for your wonderful hospitality. It was so good to meet and talk with you and to experience first hand a caring environment.
     We thank also for your superb breakfast (those crepes are to die for!) and our lovely comfortable room.
     We look forward to staying with you on our next visit to Toronto.
     All best wishes.
James and Patricia.         London, Ont.
Just dropping you a line about the B&B myself and my boyfriend stayed in when we were in Toronto in July this year.
We stayed at Les Amis, on Granby Street, and as well as having the already famous veggie breakfasts, we had an excellent host in the form of Paul-Antoine. Having lived in Toronto for many years, he is a mine of useful - and fascinating - information about the city and its people, as well as being friendly, welcoming and helpful. The rooms are cosy - you can even make yourself a cup of tea and make local phone calls - and there is a great terrace on the first floor from which to observe the squirrels and, on occasion, the local racoon family. Its handy for the city centre, yet situated in a quiet side street, away from the noise and bustle.
I would thoroughly recommend staying there to anyone visiting Toronto.
Yours, Rachel.
I wanted to thank you for my pleasant stay at Les Amis this past week. Your place was so clean and attractively comfortable. The wonderful aromas creating a sense of nurturing and peace...an oasis of calm in the stimulating city of Toronto. I am sending you the last of my Canadian money...which I hope you buy some flowers or some other thing that will remind you of how your efforts are appreciated by others.

Kate B.    Willoughby, OH, U.S.A.
Thank you for the wonderful accommodations and delicious breakfast during my stay on last week.
The map and information was very helpful !
I hope to visit your home again in the fall before beginning at U of T
Thanks again and take care !

Jacqueline K.        Denton, Texas.
Subject: Thank you!

Dear Michelle,

次回トロントを訪れる時は、すばらしい朝食をちゃんと食べられるように、もっと長く滞在しますね。 それと、もうひとつ、あなた方のお部屋も本当に豪華ですばらしく、最高の滞在になりました

Greetings from Portland !
Hope all is well at LES AMIS. We just wanted to say a quick "Hello" and many thanks for your generous hospitality. Your crash course guide to the city made our short visit a memorable one. If you ever find yourself in Portland we would be glad to return the favor. Take care. Cheers !

Erin & Dale.
Paul and Michelle,
I just wanted to let you know via email that my visit to Toronto was more enjoyable due to your B&B and your hospitality.
Your tips on getting around the city, suggestions on places to go to visit, eat, or must see, as well as some things a normal tourist would not find on their own cut down on the time that would have been spent on just finding out where and what to do in a big city.
I always looked forward for breakfast as the food was fantastic. At B&B's a good thing is you get to meet other people that you would not meet at a restaurant while eating breakfast.
Room was very comfortable and the washrooms were well equipped. When I return to Toronto, your B&B will be the first place I will call for a room. Thanks for a very pleasant stay.

Bonsoir Paul-Antoine,Nous sommes finalement rentrés à Québec et nous tenons encore une fois à vous remercier pour l'accueil chaleureux que vous nous avez réservé. Nous garderons un souvenir impérissable de notre séjour à Toronto, et c'est en bonne partie... grâce à vous. Nous vous souhaitons une très belle fin d'été avec que des clients agréables!
 Sylvie et Martin        Québec

Nota bene : Vos déjeuners sont délicieux!!!
Dear Michelle and Paul-Antoine,


A bientôt !

Tanja & Liz
Dear Michelle and Paul:

時間の楽しい旅を終えて、家につきました。私達はあなた方の家で素晴らしい時間を過ごすことができ、とても感謝しています。 ベッドはとても快適でしたし、朝食の時間は一日の中で一番の食事となりました。シェリーのお気に入りはオムレツで、私のお気に入りはクレープでしたが、ワッフルとオートミールも同じように大好きになりました。

Shelly and Gladys.
Silver Spring,
To Paul-Antoine and Michelle Buer


 Ontario Travel Staff.(Nicol, Anna, Lorie, Phoebe).

Dear Michelle,

こんなに朝早くに、"さようなら""ありがとう"を言わずに、ここを去らなくてはいけなくて、本当にごめんなさい。 鍵は部屋においておきました。私はとても楽しい滞在ができました。 あなたの家族に幸福をお祈りいたします。どうもありがとう、そしてまた会いましょう

Sincerely yours.
Daijiro, Japan
Paul-Antoine and Michelle,

ボブと私は、こちらでの滞在をとても楽しむことができ、またトロントに旅行で訪れるときは、必ず滞在したいと思っています。 たくさんのおいしいものが詰まった朝食バッグをどうもありがとう。空港や飛行機の中で、おいしく戴きました。.

Paul-Antoine and Michelle, 

私達はあなた方のおもてなしと、すばらしい食事、そしてトロントの観光についていろいろと教えてくださったことに、大変感謝しております。私達が今までに滞在した一番のB&Bです。 心をこめて

 Joel and Alexis,

5am - 朝食バッグを作ってくれてありがとう。本当に感謝しています。今度は、もう少し長く滞在できるといいと思っています。 あなたの心からのおもてなしに大変感謝しています。 どうもありがとう

Lisa and Tony M.
Paul-Antoine & Michele,
私と私のいとこは数週間前にあなたのB&Bに滞在させてもらい、全てはとても快適で楽しく過ごすことができました。 特に朝食は最高でした。そして、さようならを言えずに退出してしまってごめんなさい。本当にいろいろとありがとう

Sarah,  Princeton,
ニュージャージー州, アメリカ
Paul & Michelle,
Just a little note to say "Thank You" for making our stay in TO. very warm and memorable.
From Maria & Regina.          Droichlad, Ireland.

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