Wetlands, wildlife and a celebration of nature right in the middle of the cityÖ

Thatís just one of the many great things about Toronto!


Youíve been hitting the pavement in downtown Toronto for hours, or maybe days and you long to escape the big city noise, we have the perfect spot for you and itís right in the centre of the city.



 If you happen to be near Yonge and Bloor, itís so easy to get to.  Take the eastbound Bloor subway three stops to Broadview.  Exit the station and turn right on Broadview, walk one short block to Erindale turn right and you will see the stop for the FREE  bus that takes you directly to Evergreen Brickworks. 

Yes, a  brickworks.  When I first came to Toronto it was still functioning and in its prime made bricks for some of Canadaís national landmarks including Massey Hall and Casa Loma.


Evergreen is a national, not-for-profit organization that has been working to restore the connection between Canadaís cities and nature.

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And for Torontonians, their Brickworks project has really hit the mark.  Once off the bus, take a look at the map on the post and head for the Young Welcome Centre where you will be introduced to the complex, pick up a map and


discover what is going on that day. There could be an art festival, live music or, if itís the weekend, a great farmersí market.   Hungry? Cafť Belong offers up local, organic take-away or full service dining. 

Whatís next?  You may want to browse through the Evergreen Garden Market where youíll find locally sourced treats such as chutneys and honey, native herbal teas, gifts and garden supplies.

Or, you may want to go straight to the park and the nature trails. 


The different habitats in the park were created to transform the former industrial landscape into a desirable home for native plants and animals. 

The ponds are all human made and are part of a carefully managed balance of wetland, meadow and forest.  Depending on the time of year, you might discover wildflowers, butterflies, migrating birds or even a beaver.  Look carefully and you may spot one of the many turtles residing in the ponds.   Love to walk Ö just follow the well marked trails and see where you wind up. 

Evergreen Brickworks Ö connecting city dwellers with nature.  Just one of the many great reasons Torontonians love living in Toronto.


To know the bus times, get directions by car and discover more about the area visit


To go directly to Evergreen Brickworks from Les Amis take the College streetcar(ask for a transfer) east to Broadview.  Transfer to either the Dundas or King streetcars going to Broadview station then look for the free mini bus.