It’s amazing the number of unique places in our city that, as a long time resident, I take for granted.  Take the CN Tower for example, my family recently had an occasion to celebrate and we chose to have dinner at 360, the revolving restaurant atop the CN Tower.  It was the first time I had been there in many years and I


was totally enthralled by the spectacular views and the sheer beauty of our city.  I took so many photographs I hardly had time to eat.  But eat we did and the food, surprisingly for such a tourist destination, is very, very good.  My choice was a grilled arctic char, it was beautifully presented and just the right portion.  After dinner we went down to the level where you can go outside, another great experience and, of course, we had to stand on the glass floor.

It’s a destination that no visitor to our city should miss.  Locals should re-discover it too.


Another delightful spot I discovered recently is “Trane Studio” a small jazz club just north of Bloor on Bathurst.  Trane,

named after famed saxophonist John Coultrane,  has a wonderful ambience, it reminded us of the old jazz clubs in New York’s Greenwich Village the only thing missing was the smoke.    This spot delivers real jazz, not blues or fusion. The food is a bit pricey but good.   If you’re more into blues with a jazzy edge, my favourite club is “Nawlins Jazz Bar” on King Street just across from the Bell Lightbox.   Nawlins is a long, narrow place where you have to squeeze past the bass player to get to the bar.  It is big on atmosphere and reliable for music quality.  The food is excellent and not too pricey.