I love Toronto.

In spite of having a mayor to whom art and culture is of no interest, Toronto is brimming with wonderful artistic surprises.   But, they are so subtle, you really have to look to find them.  For instance, if you are walking along Adelaide Street on the west side between Victoria and Yonge, look to your left and you will be rewarded with a garden full of glass sculptures,

 venture in and youíll discover a fabulous tree fountain

 with a backdrop of a huge green snake medallion depicting the wildlife of Ontario Ö moose, beavers, bears, wolves and many  more.  There are plenty of places to sit and take it all in or you can

grab a table at one of the lovely courtyard cafes.


Now cross Yonge Street and walk one block north to Temperance Street.  Just a little in, on the north side you will find the Cloud Garden.  Nestled between office towers, itís a small space that packs a wallop of wonders. Lush, green gardens with winding trails, a sculpture wall

 honouring the contributions of construction workers to life in the city and a


massive waterfall where one can sit, energize, meditate and enjoy.  Thatís not all, look up to the left of the waterfall and you will see the inviting

  conservatory.  Climb the stairs to the entrance and step into the cool, moist calm of a tropical rainforest.

  Amble along the

swaying bridges to the top and you have the feeling you have truly escaped.  Before you leave, be sure to read the plaque description of the wall sculpture, it was designed by an artist but built by construction workers themselves.


Then there is the pasture of cows on Wellington Street on a small space of grass outside one of the TD towers, you have to look twice, these life size bronze sculptures look so real.    Just a hint of whatís in store for you when you walk and observe the streets of downtown Toronto Ö. all doable from our centrally located Les Amis B&B.